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EMBody Radio

Aug 19, 2021

Have you ever desperately wanted to make a career change, but been too scared to take the jump? Today's guest Lynette Hoyle has been there too. Lynette and I became friends through social media way back when in the glory days of 2014 Fit-stagram. in 2017-ish after building and scaling her online coaching practice, Lynette, like many of us, became so frustrated with the ever changing Instagram algorithms and how they were impacting her business, so she hired her first ever business coach. Once she did, she was hooked... not just on fitness coaching, but with business coaching. Since then, Lynette has been on a journey of shifting out of fitness coaching and into business coaching, where she just recently made the pivot into business coaching full time. Today, we're talking about the journey from influencer to business person, how she knew it was time to pivot careers, developing self-trust, and how NOT to make ceviche (no, really, pay attention).

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