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EMBody Radio

Dec 29, 2022

What a decade this year has been... I'm diving into the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between of 2022. I know this wasn't the year that a lot of us thought it would be, but damn did it bring some incredible perspective. There's really no other way to put it other than a true year of revision. Whether it was in my own personal health and fitness, in business, or in my relationships, 2022 gave me the opportunity to learn so many lessons and grow as a person in new ways. If this year was similar for you, you're not alone and I'm here for you.

Interested in a luxury 1:1 online health coaching experience? Look no further than FENIX ATHLETICA, where we fuse science and soul for life-long transformation (inside AND out).

Ready for a strong and centered start to 2023? Same dude. Same. That's why I've partnered with Open, a meditation app (or what I prefer calling a digital wellness experience) that combines breathwork, meditation, sound, and movement to strengthen the connection between your mind and your body, and arguably your soul. Join me for Open's New Year’s challenge, where you’ll have FREE, unlimited digital access to open from January 1st through 31st. The challenge is to complete 31 practices in 31 days, whether that’s digitally or at their in-person studio in Venica, California.  Think of it like your kickstart to wellness for 2023. By completing the challenge, you’ll be entered to win an Open in-person retreat! Head to to enter the challenge!

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