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EMBody Radio

Jan 28, 2022

"Cheers to the year of ease and being naked."

Welcome to part to of my gal-pal interview with one of my best friends, Emily Cossin.

In part 2 of this podcast, we talk about relationships, societal pressures around the timelines of our lives, learning to truly understand your needs, understanding "self," knowing where to...

Jan 20, 2022

Your favorite duo is back.... Em + Em are at it again, aka one of my best friends, Emily Cossin, is back on the show. Kick back with your favorite snack/beverage/what have you and enjoy being a fly on the wall between two friends shooting the shit about... basically everything. We're talking how roller coasters...

Jan 13, 2022

Ever wondered why you're in what should be a Calorie deficit but fat loss isn't working? Confused with one person on the internet swearing up and down that "Calories in, Calories out" is all that matters, and the next guru saying, "Calories don't matter at all, it's just your hormones"? Yeah, no wonder we're all...