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EMBody Radio

Jul 1, 2017

On today's episode, I interview Paul Revelia of Team Pro Physique. Paul is a physique coach, pro natural bodybuilder, lover of physique science, content creator, and all-around extremely valuable resource in the fitness industry. Some points of discussion in today's episode include:


-What is your "dieting age?"

-How does chronic dieting impact fat gain in the long term?

-How much time off is enough time off?

-Psychological trends in females vs males in terms of physique progression/weight gain

-What is the "fountain of youth" for reversing our dieting age?

-...and so much more!


If you are looking to get in touch with and/or follow along with Paul, you can find him here:

Instagram: @paulrevelia


Other resources:

Joe Klemczewski, PhD and Kori Propst, PhD, LCMHC, LPC: