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EMBody Radio

Jun 6, 2017

Welcome to my newest venture, the EMBody radio podcast! My goals for this podcast are to:

-increase science-based protocol in the sport of bodybuilding, as well as within the health and fitness industry as a whole

-help you, the listener, adopt and engrain my #WonderWomanMentality for yourself - finding out what makes you strong and what makes you awesome, and running with it. 

-sharing the insight and stories of fellow Wonder Women and Supermen in the industry so that you can not only get to know them better, but also so that you can use their heart and fire for life as inspiration to learn and grow yourself.

I'm absolutely thrilled to be sharing this podcast with you all! Feel free to tweet me, leave a comment on Instagram, etc with your requests for podcast topics and interview subjects. You can find me on all platforms under the handle @em_dunc.
Thank you so much for your support with the podcast! Officially, welcome to EMBody radio - where we're here to grow as intellectuals, individuals, and human beings.