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EMBody Radio

Dec 27, 2017

Welcome back to another episode!

You guys have heard me talk for YEARS about my "Wonder Woman Mentality."

"Become your own Wonder Woman. Don't rely on the energy of the outside world to fuel you. Find out what makes YOU strong and what makes YOU awesome, and run with it."

December, for many of us, is a month of reflection. I’ve really been reflecting on my “Wonder Woman Mentality” these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been taking sort of a personal inventory of what it truly means to me, line by line, and what I hope it means to you guys. I think it’s really easy to establish a mantra or a power phrase or whatever and use it, but then kind of forget what it actually means to you. This mantra/mentality/manifesto/whatever you want to call it has been such a guiding light in my journey both in fitness, but also as a human being. I think part of why it means so much to me is because it’s a reminder of MY strength and MY power, which I think is something that us women tend to forget all too easily.

Let's dive in to what the Wonder Woman Mentality means, and what it looks like to take that and apply it to yourself, your life, and your truth.

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