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EMBody Radio

Mar 1, 2018

Welcome back to EMBody Radio! On today's episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Miss Adee Cazayoux, the CEO and founder of the coaching company, Working Against Gravity, pup mom, Olympic lifter, jack of all trades, and wife to Michael Cazayoux. She's worked with everyone from high level Crossfit athletes like Brooke Ence to your everyday gymgoer who simply wants to look and feel better. She helps her clients master their nutrition, their body composition and performance, and their mindset. I absolutely love Adee's approach to coaching. Today we talk about things like:

-How she started her coaching company, Working Against Gravity (WAG),

-Her coaching strategies/philosophies,

-How to be a good online coach,

-Optimizing body composition AND performance,

-Relationships and fitness,

-How to start changing your nutrition/behaviors from square one,

-Goal setting,


-... TONS more!


You guys are going to LOVE this episode. You can find Adee here:

IG: +

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