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EMBody Radio

May 10, 2018

Today’s episode of EMBody Radio is part one of my interview with Ethan Brown. Ethan is not just A physical therapist, he’s MY physical therapist! After many sessions and conversations with Ethan, I knew I needed to bring him on the show to share his knowledge. Ethan is a competitive bodybuilder himself, and he also runs his own physical therapy practice, Bodies By Brown Physical Therapy, with his wife, Kaitlyn. With his experience in bodybuilding, Ethan has a unique perspective as a PT as it pertains to bodybuilding-style training. Today we talk about:

 -Common causes of low back pain in serious trainees and how to fix it,

-Hypo and hypermobility as it relates to the spine,

-The problem(s) that arise when superficial muscles are forced to “take over” the role of deep stabilizer muscles and structures,

-Relying on the muscle to create the movement, not the weight used,

-The importance of stability exercises,

-Stability/mobility drills for things like your transverse abdominus, shoulders, and rotator cuff,

-Internal shoulder rotation, why it happens, the problems that arise with it, and how to fix it,

-SO much more!

This episode (and part 2) are definitely very information-heavy, so be sure you’re ready to take notes.

Video resources:

Shoulder impingement fix:
Shoulder bursitis fix:
Reduce shoulder pain:
Reduce shoulder pain 2:


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