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EMBody Radio

May 31, 2018

Today’s guest is Dr. Sean Pastuch. Sean is a chiropractor, a coach for injury prevention and recovery, coach to coaches looking to grow their impact and their businesses, and overall Sean is a man with an incredible story of rising from hardship and planning based on faith in himself, even when circumstances would encourage defeat. Sean is also the host of the Active Life podcast, a dad to two beautiful kids, and a husband. Some of the topics of conversation include:

-Where Sean started and how he went from selling steroids behind the desk at a gym to owning/operating Active Life,

-Having his business and home destroyed by hurricane Sandy,

-Faking strong until it's real and planning based on faith in yourself,

-Creating a business unlike any other at it's time of inception (Active Life RX),

-Playing the long game when things don't go to plan,

-True self awareness,

-"Turning pro" and what that means for you and your career,

-Why you can't do it alone,

-The concept of motivation,

-So much more!


Find Sean and Active Life here: 

Active Life RX Instagram

Sean Instagram

Active Life


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