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EMBody Radio

Jun 28, 2018

I hope you're ready for an information-packed episode today! David Krantz is a health coach who specializes in genetics, including epigenetics, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and even the genetic component of CBD/THC/and other cannabis-derived products. You'll want to grab a pen and paper for this one! Today, you'll learn about:

-What epigenetics is/what it means,

-How we can change our genetic makeup throughout our lifetime with diet, exercise, and lifestyle,

-What happens when our genes and environments don't match,

-The difference between nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics,

-The genetic component behind why some diets work amazingly for some people and not for others,

-How something as small as changing the type of fat you're eating can better work with your genetic makeup and lead to better body composition,

-What is the MTHFR gene, why has it gotten so much hype, and what does it mean if you have one of the MTHFR polymorphisms,

-What the endocannabinoid system is,

-How THC and CBD impact people differently,

-Some of the genetic implications for CBD/THC use,

-Heart rate variability training,

-...SO much more (if you can imagine that)!


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Mentioned in the show:

Heart Math Institute (Heart Rate Variability)

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