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EMBody Radio

Jul 26, 2018

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Canole, author of the book "You Be You" (available for preorder now) and founder of Organifi. This episode started as a talk on all the benefits of greens and took a turn for the spiritual. Get ready for this one, we went deep here! We talk about:

-How Drew got into this whole situation through his own health transformation, where he discovered the power of green juice,

-Defining yourself,

-Focusing on not just identity, but WHYdentity,

-"Waking up" to create your best life,

-Practices to put into place to elevate your frequency in every day life,

-Toxic relationships and how to move past them,

-Realizing where the "leaks" are in your life and how to plug them,

-Spiritual growth and cultivating true, powerful self love,

-SOOOO much more!

Organifi was also kind enough to offer a discount for EMBody Radio listeners! You can shop Organifi products here and use the code EMBODY for a 15% discount on your order!


Find Drew here:

Pre-order Drew's new book, "You Be You"

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My favorites are the Lion's Mane Mushroom Elixir and the Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi... Be sure to listen to the whole episode to learn why ;). If you want to try Four Sigmatic products, use the code "EMDUNC" to get 15% off your order at


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