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EMBody Radio

Aug 2, 2018

Do you struggle with your diet? Rather, do you struggle with STICKING to your diet? Today's guest is Dr. Kori Propst. Kori is a health psychologist at the Diet Doc and the Mental Edge program, where she works to uncover the motivation(s) behind and the mindset of eating. She helps clients work on what and HOW we think, tendencies we have, triggers we have, and developing emotional agility. In today's show, we had some amazing conversations about diet, the mindsets/tendencies we have surrounding diet, our triggers, and so much more. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

-Emotional agility and learning to do backbends over barriers,

-Becoming more aware and open minded of our dietary thoughts/behaviors,

-Coaching from a strength-based perspective vs a shame-based perspective,

-Being able to identify where our problems, issues, and triggers stem from,

-Self control when it comes to eating and the "what the hell" effect,

-Deep-rooted fears of rejection, lack of connection, and the desire to belong with our "tribes,"

-Developing the skill of emotional regulation,

-Why willpower doesn't work (and what does),

-Why self sabotage is actually just self protection,

-"Intuitive" eating vs. "intelligent" eating

-So much more!


Dr. Propst is such a wealth of knowledge. You can find her here:

Diet Doc Life Mastery Podcast






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