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EMBody Radio

Aug 16, 2018

Blood flow restriction training, also known as occlusion training/BFR, has become increasingly popular in the fitness industry. Today's show features Kusha Karvandi, the man behind BFR Bands. Kusha has an extensive background as a trainer (over 10,000 hours with clients and over 20 nationally recognized certifications) and he also has a unique perspective given his knowledge of neurology. Today's episode is rich with knowledge from Kusha, including:

-What does "functional neurology" even mean?

-Why proprioception isn't the only signal we should be considering  when it comes to our training

-The importance of your vestibular system and vision, and how those may help you upgrade your training to the next level

-Easy exercises to start implementing into your training to improve your vestibular and visual acuity

-What blood flow restriction training (BFR) is and how it came about

-How to properly program BFR (band tightness, volume, load)

-Who BFR is and isn't appropriate for 

-...So much more!

And as a thank you to everyone who listens to the show, you can use the code "EMILY" to save 15% on your BFR bands!


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