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EMBody Radio

Jun 6, 2019

After a lonnnnng time away, EMBody Radio is back. And I'd go so far as to say that it is back with a big bang. Today on the show, Joseph Sheehey returns for his second podcast on EMBody Radio. Joe is a human on a journey - a journey that has led him to some very dark places, and now on a journey to truly experience the fullness of life, elevating himself and those around him, and working on creating products that truly help others live well. Joe is one of the founders of Cured Nutrition, one of the original leaders in the CBD industry and the CBD company I've aligned myself with over the last 2-ish years. Joe truly has an amazing story and this show re-ignited my fire behing why I love podcasting in the first place. This conversation left me feeling deeply, inspired, and with a newfound appreciate for my friend and for one of the men behind a company that I fully love and believe in.

**TRIGGER WARNING** We do discuss mental illness/depression/suicide in this episode.

Today we talk about:

-What being a leader TRULY means,

-The title of "the boss,"

-Leaving aerospace engineering with nothing more than a jar of spices and an idea to create a CBD company,

-Losing yourself, feeling stuck, and dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts,

-Losing $30,000 of working capital within the first few months of business,

-Going into business with no idea what you're doing and figuring it out along the way,

-What entrepreneurship REALLY looks like,

-The importance of mentors,

-Using vulnerability and openness,

-The future of Cured,

-Answering your questions on some big CBD basics (check out the Cured Collective podcast for more informative episodes on CBD, dosage, uses, etc),

-Breaking the stigmas around cannabis

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