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EMBody Radio

Jun 13, 2019

On today's episode of EMBody Radio, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Nick Komodina. In a world full of people who aren't who they portray themselves to be online, Nick is the absolute opposite of that. I’ll allow Nick to introduce himself, but if there’s anything I can say about him, it’s that he’s not only who he portrays himself to be online, he’s a lot more than that as well. We get into a lot of deep shit on this episode, and I really feel like you’re going to walk away from today’s show feeling inspired, more aware of yourself and the boxes you place yourself in, and overall more equipped to live unabashedly as YOU, and nobody else.


What you'll hear today: 

-Growing up with his mom in a trailer park

-How nothing is certain

-Getting screwed in his first business endeavor and starting over from scratch opening his own gym, NK Fitness

-How he hurt his own business by developing a “God complex”

-Trying and failing over and over and over again to succeed

-Opporutnity and what to do with it

-What it truly means to give your best

-Lessons in humility

-Being OPEN and un-caging yourself because of fear

-Learning how to “be a man” and what that means to him

-The misconceptions surrounding the idea of the “alpha male”

-Self care from the male perspective

-The danger of not prioritizing love in your life

-Being proud of your accomplishments

-Getting one percent better every day

-So many more wisdom nuggets!




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