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EMBody Radio

Nov 21, 2019

Online coaching is arguably one of the fastest growing fields in the health and wellness space. With that comes a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a lot of questions. I've been coaching for almost 4 years now, so I've been around the bend for a few years. I've stumbled and fell along the way, but I've learned SO much, and I want to use that to help future professionals. Today I'm taking the reins on a solo episode to help current and aspiring coaches in their process!

I'm going over:

-my story and how I got started in my online coaching career

-my education and experience backgrounds in health and fitness

-things that I consider absolutely indispensable to being a good coach

-integrating knowledge and experience and why BOTH are essential

-how to set up your schedule when you're self employed

-systems and structures to have in place for your coaching business

-coaching from an ethical, science based place

I really believe this episode will help you on your coaching journey and help you build a strong, successful, quality practice. 








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