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EMBody Radio

Nov 30, 2023

Have you ever felt like your body and metabolism just "weren't the same" after years spend trying to diet and get "fit?" Has it ever felt like the more hardcore you got in your fitness pursuits, things actually started backfiring, and you started gaining weight uncontrollably that wouldn't come off, all while developing symptoms like bloating, food intolerances, anxiety, poor digestion, irregular or missing periods, chronic fatigue, and chronic inflammation? And if you said yes, have you ever felt hopeless or like you were destined to be overweight and tired for the rest of your life? Today's guest Vince Pitstick has worked with thousands of women like you and beyond. Vince has spent the last decade diving deep into functional health and nutrition to help with this exact problem. Since he set out on this mission, he's created Nutrition Dynamic, the largest 1-on-1 health coaching company in America, and co-founded Metabolic Mentor University, a program that helps hundreds of health + wellness coaches become certified in functional nutrition so they can carry out their mission of improving their clients' health and lives every single day.

On today's show, we're discussing functional nutrition and metabolism, diving into topics such as:

-why metabolism goes to shit when we diet for too long

-metabolic dysfunction,

-how a "hard core" fitness lifestyle can lead to more fat gain and worse health in the long term

- the concept of "metabolic forgiveness"

- the impact of our emotional state + mindset on food influences nutrient metabolism

- the path forward to restoring metabolism after years of chronic dieting, menopause, chronic illness, and more

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Metabolic Mentor University YouTube Channel

Metabolic Mentor University

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