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EMBody Radio

Mar 18, 2022

Today we have a 3-peat guest on the show who continues to bring more and more value every time he comes on the show. Welcome back to Joseph Sheehey, one of the owners and founders of Cured Nutrition, a long time partner of EMBody Radio. Today, Joe and I are chatting about how to discover your personal truth and own it fully. 

I have a very exciting announcement from our partners over at Cured Nutrition, and that’s the NEW Cured Nutrition CBN night caps. These have 30mg cbd, 5mg cbn, 1.5mg thc. Great to stack with Zen. It’s a little stronger than the CBN tincture, so if you’re ready to have the easiest time falling and staying asleep, this is the one for you. I’ve been using these ever since I got them at the end of the month, and WOW. These are a game changer. I already was a sound sleeper, but now… complete next level.

The Good Life Podcast

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