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EMBody Radio

Jul 20, 2023

Today’s guest is Taylor Stone. Taylor is a former NFL cheerleader whose mission is to help high-achieving women remember their power and become their own healer. Using her background from her health sciences degrees, self-mastery, and alchemical energy healing, Taylor helps give her clients useful tools and practices to help her clients create their own heaven on earth and attract what they truly desire into their lives. I’ll be honest, when we first started talking about alchemical energy healing in the episode, I had no clue what it was. But that’s what podcasts are for! So, today we’re diving right on in to help you add some new tools to your spiritual and energetic toolbelt. As with everything, not every tool or teacher is for every person. If something resonates with you, amazing! My motto is take what lands and leave what doesn’t. But trust me, you're going to get some great "nuggets from the Universe" in this one!



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