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Sep 9, 2021

In 2021, there's a fair chance you've seen (and maybe shared) at least one astrology meme circulating around social. Perhaps you've lamented over the trials and tribulations of the big, scary Mercury Retrograde (or in meme terms, Mercury in Gatorade). Maybe now you know your "Big Three." But... what does it all mean?

Today we're talking with my good friend Brittany McMurray: astrologer, tarot card reader, and seer who, in her words, "Doesn't tell you what to see, but rather, where to look." 

We're breaking down the basics of birth charts, like your Big 3 and what they mean, what your different houses represent, and the overall "Blueprint of your Soul" in Brittany's terms; reframing Mercury retrograde and  why it's actually an opportunity vs some cyclical cosmic curse; and talking all things growth, rebirth, relationships, Saturn returns, and navigating the wheels/spirals of fortune that show up in our own lives.

Interested in having your birth chart read and interpreted for better self understanding? Book a reading with Brittany here.

Interested in tarot readings? Book a reading with Brittany here.

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