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EMBody Radio

Sep 16, 2021

This one's for you if you need a (loving) fire lit under your ass. Today we're chatting with my friend, the amazing, bad-ass, no-BS Kaylin Pyles of The Higher Standard. The Higher Standard is a company dedicated to helping women get un-stuck and create a life they're obsessed with through fitness and personal development. 

In today's show, Kaylin breaks down some of her origin story and how The Higher Standard even came to be in the first place (hint - she had to first realize she wasn't living to her OWN higher standard, or any standard of her own at all), how she uses the Enneagram for both personal and business success, getting real with yourself and honoring your commitments, building a brilliant brand, and so much more. 

If you've been feeling stuck, uninspired, and hopeless while also KNOWING there's more for you out there but just aren't sure how to start, this episode was, quite literally, made for YOU. 

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