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EMBody Radio

Aug 23, 2017

On today's episode of EMBody radio, I interview Bret Contreras, aka "The Glute Guy." Bret is one of the leaders in strength and conditioning research/application, particularly in the realm of glute training and glute development. Bret holds a PhD, has conducted research of his own, published dozens of articles, written numerous books and ebooks, and is well-known for the hip thrust exercise. Today, we talk about:

-How he turned his hobby into his full-time career

-How the every day person can become more scientific

-Why Bret took such an interest in glute development (this makes for a funny story)

-Glute training, effective warmups, how frequently you should train glutes, whether squats and deadlifts make for "square" glutes, and more!

-Maximum recoverable volume (MRV)

-Fixing left/right side imbalances

-Maintaining strength while injured

-Advantages to different training styles (bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletes, etc)

-So much more!

You can find Bret here:

Instagram: @bretcontreras1

Twitter: @bretcontreras

Website (be sure to sign up for his newsletter!):

Find me here:

Instagram & Twitter: @em_dunc

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