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EMBody Radio

Oct 1, 2017

Coming at you today for a solo episode all about competing in the NPC Bikini division. I've competed in 12 shows, included competing at and placing top five in multiple national level shows, and I've "been around the block" with competing. Some of what I cover in this episode:

-My competition history,

-Being misdiagnosed with PCOS

-Common judging terms in the bikini division

-How much time is ideal between shows within a season

-How long should your offseason be

-Drug use in the NPC

-Getting bloodwork and how to get bloodwork when your doctor won't order it (referenced sites: PrivateMDLabs and AnyLabsNow)

-Learning to read your own biofeedback

-The impact of competing on relationships

-Body image distortion

-Health implications/risks of competing in bodybuilding

-A looooot more!


I tried not to ramble on too much in this episode, but there's a lot to talk about! To the review giveaway winner, Caroline, please fill out your info and what program you'd like on this page:

If you're interested in purchasing my newest workout, "EMB3 - Load vs. Volume," go to

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Thank you so much for all of your support with the podcast. Until next time, you can find me here: 

Instagram & Twitter: @em_dunc