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EMBody Radio

Feb 15, 2018

Today I'm joined by Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz, meditation masters and the authors behind the ah-mazing everything guide to meditation, Just Sit. 

Elizabeth and Sukey Novogratz have traveled the world to study meditation in every kind of classroom, from Lakota sweat lodges to Tibet House, from ashrams to vision quests to Oneness retreats. They have learned from many renowned teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Ram Dass, Amma, Tony Robbins, and the monks at One World Academy in Chennai, India. They are also the authors of an amazing meditation guide, Just Sit. Their inspiration for writing this book is drawn from friends, readers, and complete strangers who echoed their own questions about how to take the first steps toward making meditation part of a more mindful, reflective, and joyful life. 

On today's show, we talk about things like:

-their journeys into meditation

-the physiological and psychological benefits to meditation

-how to start your own meditation practice

-the best time, place, and positioning for meditation

-how to deal with wandering thoughts

-meditation retreats

-... so much more!

If you've ever been curious about starting your own meditation practice but aren't sure where to start, be sure to give this podcast a listen and check out their book, Just Sit. 


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