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EMBody Radio

Mar 8, 2018

On today’s episode of EMBody Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing my long-time friend, Mike Cazayoux. Mike is a former Crossfit Games champion, coach at brUTE Strength, wife to Adee (who was just on episode 30), and master of mindset and behavior change. Mike was amazing enough to share his story with us. Here’s some of what we talked about today:


-Mike’s journey with drug addiction, relapsing, and recovery

-Turning away from drug addiction and towards Crossfit

-How he used athletics and the community created with Crossfit as part of his recovery

-Support systems

-Acknowledging fear and self-doubt and using it to better you as a person/athlete

-The power of mindfulness and it’s tangible benefits as an athlete

-Why “You’re only as good as your last thought”

-Mastering your training recovery

-Training your ego

-…so much more!


Find Mike here: