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EMBody Radio

Mar 29, 2018

Welcome back to EMBody Radio! Today’s episode is a highly anticipated one. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of talking to Dr. Mizuguchi, a board certified plastic surgeon and expert at breast augmentation (he’s done over 1000!) on all things, you guessed it, BOOBS. Dr. Mizuguchi was my surgeon for my breast augmentation back in 2016, and I figured what better way to answer the hundreds of questions I’ve gotten about mine than to talk to my surgeon. This is literally your everything guide to breast augmentation, including topics like:


-What type of implants to go with (silicone, saline, fat transfer)

-How to choose your size

-Types of incisions (fold, nipple, armpit, and belly button)

-Breast feeding and mammograms with implants

-Surgical complications and the surgical procedure itself

-The interplay of your implants and your anatomy

-How to pick your surgeon

-Is silicone migration/breast implant illness a concern?

-Cost of surgery and financing options

-Do you need to change your training for breast implants?

-The recovery process and time to return to training

-How often do implants need to be replaced?


Keller Funnel video

My surgical bra 

My BA blog


Find Dr. Mizuguchi here:



(502) 200 – 0600

9913 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY


Find me here:




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