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EMBody Radio

Jul 12, 2018

Today's episode features Sarah Clark, a fertility coach who has been through the ringer with her own reproductive health. Sarah was diagnosed with ovarian failure at 28 and had her two children via in vitro fertilization. It wasn't until later that she realized her infertility was actually caused by various food intolerances. She has now dedicated her life to coaching couples through infertility challenges and helps women conceive naturally. In today's show, we talk about:


-Sarah's journey through being diagnosed with ovarian failure and turning to IVF,

-How she fell very ill after giving birth to her daughter and how that led her on the path that eventually brought her to alternative medicine therapies,

-How she discovered that food sensitivities were at the root of her infertility problems,

-The most common food sensitivities and how they play in overall health as well as reproductive well being,

-Some steps for unearthing and healing food sensitivities,

-Tips for helping to clear inflammation from the body,

-Advice for women who are dealing with feeling "foreign" or betrayed in/by their own bodies,

-So much more!


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