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EMBody Radio

Dec 21, 2018

Everyone talks about "metabolism." Slow metabolisms, fast metabolisms, metabolic adaptation, stubborn metabolisms, all that.

But... what actually is "your metabolism?" Can you point to it? 

Today's episode was inspired by a follower question essentially asking me to help her better understand what "metabolism" actually means. So lets talk allllll about

-what "metabolism" actually is from a physical perspective (definition time)

-what metabolism practically means

-the different components of your metabolism

-how those components change/adapt in various scenarios

-what having a "slow" or "fast" metabolism actually means

-a couple examples of why and how metabolisms adapt to periods of low energy

-how metabolic rate is tested

-lots more!


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My favorites are the Lion's Mane Mushroom Elixir and the Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi... Be sure to listen to the whole episode to learn why ;). If you want to try Four Sigmatic products, use the code "EMDUNC" to get 15% off your order at


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