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EMBody Radio

Oct 3, 2019

When is the last time you cleaned your house? I will assume (hopefully) it was recently. Why don't we take this same action with our bodies on a regular basis? My guest today is the amazing Taylor Sappington and immediately when we got on the call we just started talking. It took about halfway through to realize I hadn't introduced her yet but what we were talking about was so important and wide-ranging, I couldn't stop. I hope you find a lot of value out of this episode and use some of these practical tips Taylor shared with us. Topics covered today include:

- Informed Consent Misconceptions and Lack of Knowledge on Prescriptions

- Evolution of Stress and Cortisol

- Why Functional Detoxification is Essential

- Who Taylor Sappington Is

- Postpartum Depression Signs and Symptoms

- The 17 Year Research Evidence Separation

- Copper IUD and Copper Toxicity

- My Yeast Infection and Side Effects

- Essential Liver Care

- Bowel Movement and How to Increase Effectiveness

- Digestive Enzyme Supplements

- Gut Health Tips

- Where to Find Taylor



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