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EMBody Radio

Oct 24, 2019

I haven't had a Q&A for a while on the podcast so I thought today would be the perfect day! Definitely some great questions that I go into a lot of detail with both from a physiological and psychological perspective so you won't want to miss this one. Please let me know if you enjoy this format and I will continue to do it! Questions include:


- Protein Amount with High Body Fat

- Time Management Strategies/Time Blocks

- Favorite Part of a Growing and Cutting Season


- Favorite Fish Oil Supplement

- Gains with No Spotter

- Gaining Disciplined/Habit Change

- How I Ended Up in Louisville

- Micronutrients to Focus On

- Iron Toxicity Story!

- Reverse Diet

- Why 99% of Women Aren’t Ready for a Fat Loss Phase

- Sample Protocol

- Let Us Know If You Enjoy Q&A!







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