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Jan 16, 2020

As ya'll know or should, I am in the middle of prep so I thought it would be dope to sit down with my good friend Alex Bush, co-founder of Physique Development, to discuss all things pre-prep, prep, and post-prep along with answering some questions from you all. If you've ever considered doing a contest prep, I deem this a can't miss episode for you. Topics and questions include:


- Sorry not Sorry for Teasing You Last Week

- Legion Athletics

- Who is Alex Bush?

- Prep Before the Prep Process

- Why You Can’t Continue to Diet Into Contest Prep

- Prompts for Extensive Testing

- Night Shift and Training

- Mental Readiness for Prep

- When Prep Isn’t A Good Idea

- Food Relationships

- Training Principles

- Structure vs Autoregulation

- Duration of Prep

- Communication with Your Circle

- Fatigue

- The Fat and Flabby Look

- Pumps and Training Well

- Supplements for Prep

- Bikini vs Olympic Lift Training for Prep

- Post Show Period and Tactics

- Healthy Rate of Gain Post Show

- Rapid Fire Questions 

- Enhancement Advice


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Episode 73 Optimal Training for Optimal Progress | with Alex Bush





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