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EMBody Radio

Jan 30, 2020

Just me ridin solo on this episode taking your questions all surrounding relationships. Understand before you press play that my answers are just that: mine. I speak from my 24-year-old woman perspective so take it with a grain of salt. With that being said, I got a lot of really great questions I was excited to talk about and dive into. Questions include:

- Books on Relationships

- Online Dating

- Being the Only Single Friend

- #Onlyherface? What to do When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Body but Likes Your Face

- Is Bad Sex a Dealbreaker?

- Biggest Takeaway from My Last Relationship

- My Fault In Relationships

- When Is It Time to Breakup?

- Turnoffs

- #Swolematesgoals

- My Flaws

- Guards Down Situations

- Being “Instagram” Famous

- Moving Forward By Only Thinking About The Good Things

- Advice: Date Yourself

- Ratings and Reviews! 





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