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EMBody Radio

Feb 6, 2020

If this episode were to be summed up in three words, it would be "grow that ass." Sue Bush, wife of Alex Bush and close personal friend, is here today to discuss all about those glutes. Not only that but we cover quad work, using momentum wisely, and common misconceptions within training. Needless to say, as you can see by the length of the episode, this episode is definitely on brand of #jackedandnerdy. Topics covered include:

- Burping and Hoolahooping

- Who is Sue Bush

- How Sue Got Into Fitness

- Common Misconceptions within Training

- Sensation within Eccentric and Concentric Motion

- Using Momentum Wisely

- Resistance Profiles and Strength Curves

- Mobility vs Flexibility vs Active Motion

- Gluteal Anatomy

- Why Wider Isn’t Always Better

- Optimize Training

- Glute Dominate Hip Thrust

- Anterior Pelvic Tilt Video

- All About Quads

- The Reality of Training and Physique Comparison


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