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EMBody Radio

Feb 20, 2020

Solo episode again today covering a topic near and dear to my heart. I am in the middle of my prep and getting messages and DM's saying that you potentially want to compete at some point as well, I needed to give it to you straight. I want you equipped with the knowledge and reality of what it takes to compete and place where you want to. There's a lot more that goes into prep than most talk about. This is your guide to your first bodybuilding show, the real shit. Topics included:


- Jacked and Nerdy Volume II

- Cured Nutrition - Code Emily

- I Tried Dog Treats…

- Arnold Seminar

- First Bodybuilding Show

- The Before Aspect

- Alex Bush Episode

- IFBB Pro in the United States

- Go to Many Prep Shows

- The Coaching Relationship

- Know What You Are Getting Into

- Assess Your Relationship with Food

- Financial Cost of Competing

- Bikini Division Guidelines

- Posing and Posing Coaching

- Qualifications

- Show Structure

- Expectations in Prep

- Full Ass It


The #JackedNNerdyTrainer V I Program

The #JackedNNerdyTrainer V II Program





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