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EMBody Radio

Feb 16, 2023

Dr. Julie Foucher is joining us on the show today to talk all about the differences between functional and Western/allopathic medicine, along with where they overlap and share common ground (hint: it's a lot of places). Learn how we can use data like lab testing to empower ourselves with information about our bodies to help us feel better in the now, and prevent disease later on in life. We also have a great chat about the power of mindset and shifting your thoughts, and tangible ways to start shifting your thoughts to create a better reality for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Dr. Julie Foucher is a former Crossfit Athlete, physician at Wild Health, and focuses on functional medicine. Wild Health is here to provide you with individualized, precision medicine and primary care that offers holistic healthcare, diet + exercise support, and personalized genetic and blood testing to help you empower yourself with data and take the reins on your health. Wild Health empowers you with a deep dive on your blood work and DNA testing and supports you with care from a physician and a health coach so that you can better optimize your health + lifestyle now, and for later on in life.

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