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EMBody Radio

Dec 8, 2022

It's safe to say we've all learned something in our lives (or at least I hope so), but how often do we actually sit and think about the skill of learning, and how to... learn how to learn? Today's guest, David Rosales, is not only one of my best friends, but is truly the embodiment of a lifelong, enthusiastic learner. In today's episode we talk about David's passion for learning, particularly his passion for learning languages, and how he's harnessed the power of "activation energy" to overcome the initial intertia in any new skill, how to lower activation energy to make learning easier, how to apply these concepts to skills like fitness, and overcoming the hurdles involved in any new endeavor so you can get to mastery faster. We also do a deep dive on why language and the nuance of language matters as a way to preserve culture and enhance thinking, talk about practical climate change solutions anyone can participate in, and David's original concept of Defensive Propaganda as a tool to better understand and stand up for what we believe in.

It's all over the map, and a beautiful map at that.

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Some of David's work (it will make you smarter and cooler, I promise)

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How I Knew I was Blunting My Creative Soul

Defensive Propaganda: How George Orwell Deconstructs World Choice in Homage to Catalonia

How to Learn Language in 203 Easy Steps (What They Don’t Teach in Schools)


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