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EMBody Radio

Nov 9, 2023

You know him as the king of Golden Retriever Energy, the Innsufferably Handsome Responsible Delinquent, or you know him as... Matt McLeod. Today, we're sitting down with one of my best friends and favorite humans for an episode full of both wholesome fun and valuable perspective. In today's episode, we focus a lot on relationships: how to cultivate meaningful friendships as an adult, the concept of platonic friendships and if they can really exist, and how to start "doing the work" on yourself to improve your relationship with yourself and with the people in your life. We also talk to Matt about his unique perspective on business in the fitness coaching space, and how he's maintained his clarity and values in what he wants in business at a time when shiny object syndrome is everyone and profit seems to be the only metric for success.


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