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EMBody Radio

Feb 2, 2023

Content note for today’s episode: we are talking heavily about food, food addiction, dieting, eating disorders, binge eating, and diet culture. If you are particularly sensitive to those topics, please listen at your own discretion.

Today we’re talking with Molly Carmel. Molly is an addictions and eating disorder therapist with extensive training in substance use and eating disorders with extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She’s also the author of “Breaking Up with Sugar,” a no-nonsense take on food addiction and unhealthy relationships with sugar and grain flour. Molly is what she calls a “wounded healer,” aka everything that she does as a professional stems from her own healing journey and the desire to help others. She herself struggled for years throughout her early childhood before she was even 10 years old throughout her young adulthood with obesity, food addiction, binge eating, and fad diets, and it was this exact journey that led her to where she is today as a professional creating real change in people’s lives.

Today, we basically become immediate BFFs, and we dive into all things diet culture, food and diet addiction, the addiction to starting over, the questions you should be asking your healers and coaches before you hire them, the role of spirituality in Molly’s journey, and Molly’s new revolutionary coaching program coming out on February 5th.This episode is stocked full of wisdom, insight, honesty, personal stories, strength, love, and most of all, passion. You can hear in Molly’s voice how deeply she cares about her mission, and it’s an incredible mission at that. Without further ado, let’s dig into today’s episode with Molly Carmel.

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