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The Everything Guide to CBD, and Why Cannabis Isn't as Bad as You Think | ft. Joseph Sheehey

Nov 24, 2017

You've probably heard (or bought into) the typical "stoner" stereotype whenever you hear the terms "weed," "marijuana," or "cannabis."

In today's episode, Joseph Sheehey, the CEO of Cured Nutrition and Higher Health Media, comes onto EMBody radio to talk all things CBD (the legal, non-psychoactive component of cannabis), it's benefits, and how you can use it in your daily life for everything from anxiousness to recovery from training.

Joseph also delves into his story about his severe battle with depression that almost left him for dead.

If you've heard about this new "CBD" thing but haven't known enough about it to try it for yourself, look no further. In today's episode, we talk all things benefits, dosing, different forms, and more. Enjoy!

Find Joseph/Cured Nutrition/Higher Health Media here:

IG: @josephsheehey @curednutrition @higherhealthmedia

iTunes: Search "Higher Health Media" (You can use the code EMILY to save 10% off your order)