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EMBody Radio

Dec 9, 2021

Meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness practices are some of the most effective AND accessible practices for your mental and physical wellbeing... but so many people don't know where to start. This episode is here to help you bridge that gap by hearing about the amazing story and evolution of Sarah McDevitt of Core.

Sarah McDevitt joined Hyperice in July 2021 as the head of the newly created Mind Technologies Division, following the company’s acquisition of Core.

Sarah founded and served as the CEO of Core with the goal of making effective mental wellness support an accessible foundation of everyday life.

After playing basketball in college for New York University and then starting her career at Microsoft, Sarah was taken aback by an unexpected bout of anxiety that she had never experienced. She found personal relief in meditation but discovered it was challenging to make it a regular, long-term habit and wanted to better understand the science behind it.

Inspired by the power of meditation and similar practices that impact both mental and physical health, she went on to research mental well-being while earning a Master’s degree at Stanford University.

Core gives you the power to develop a breathwork + meditation practice for any and all of your needs, whether it's increased calm, decreased anxiety, increased energy, or increased focus, while ALSO providing you with the empowerment of biometric data to help track your nervous system's changes over time.

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