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EMBody Radio

Aug 11, 2017

On today’s episode of EMBody Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauring Conlin, Master’s in Exercise Science, IFBB Bikini Pro, owner/coach of Team LoCo Fit and LoCo Fit Tees, and all-around incredible female leader in the health and fitness industry. You can find time stamps for our discussion below along with all of the resources mentioned in the podcast. Enjoy!




Find Laurin here:

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @laurinconlin

YouTube: Laurin Conlin

Podcast: Redefine Healthy Radio


MASS Research Review (Monthly Applications in Strength Sport):


Bret Contreras:




FitPro Development Webinars:




Time stamps:


How Laurin got started competing and going from an amateur to a pro: 5:30-12:30


Overcoming the struggle of being a “fuller” athlete in the bikini division, how to set yourself up for success, and employing patience throughout prep and the offseason: 12:30-20:20


What motivated Laurin to go into Exercise Science in her undergrad and later pursue a Master’s degree, and the importance of higher education as it pertains to health and fitness: 20:21-26:23


Being a female in a STEM field and advice to women who want to pursue STEM majors/fields but may feel intimidated: 26:23-32:35


Going in-depth about Laurin’s graduate research on flexible dieting vs. meal plans and advice for students interested in going into research: 32:35-48:27


What lifestyle clients can learn from competitive athletes and vice versa: 48:27-52:34


How listeners who are interested in reading research, but aren’t necessarily involved in a science-based field and/or conducting research themselves, can consume research intelligently: 52:34-1:01:54


What’s the biggest mistake people make when trying to diet and when trying to grow muscle? 1:01:54-1:09:11


Laurin’s preferred approach to the offseason as opposed to a strict reverse diet, some of the detriments of a strict reverse diet, how much weight you should regain immediately post show: 1:09:11-1:18:40


What’s on the roster for Laurin in 2017: 1:18:40-1:19:17


Laurin’s thoughts on the “What the Health” documentary: 1:19:17-1:24:39


What makes Laurin strong, awesome, and unique: 1:24:39-1:25:53


Where to find Laurin and closing thoughts: 1:25:53-End