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EMBody Radio

Apr 5, 2018

Today on EMBody Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alberto Nunez, coach at 3DMJ and WNBF pro bodybuilder. 3MDJ and the coaches behind it have coined “the recovery diet,” a post-contest strategy designed to recover allfunctions: mental, physical, metabolic, hormonal, etc. In this episode, we talk all things recovery diet and the psychology of those who succeed. Some of the highlights include:


-What is the recovery diet?

-Who would benefit from a recovery diet setup?

-Training, cardio, and nutrition protocols for the recovery diet.

-Can you fight your body-fat set point?

-Going above your set point to “reset” your systems.

-Recovery differences in males and females

-The “small print” of competitive bodybuilding

-Habits/traits of those who succeed

-Habits/traits of those who don’t

-Navigating social media intelligently as a fitness competitor


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