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EMBody Radio

Aug 23, 2018

TRIGGER WARNING FOR THIS EPISODE: We discuss eating disorders, physically/emotionally abusive relationships, PTSD, and mental illness in this episode, so please be aware of that before listening. 

Today's guest is, to put it simply, a warrior. Mik Zazon has been through so much for such a young person, and she's all about owning her story and using it to help others. Today's episode covers so many topics, including:

-Physical trauma from sports that left her without college scholarships and without an identity,

-What happened when she first started dieting, particularly yo-yo dieting,

-Going through an emotionally and physically abusive relationship

-Identifying abusive/unhealthy relationships

-Learning to depend entirely on herself as a form of healing

-Dealing with eating disorders, mental health, PTSD, and so much more,

-The root of your problems,

-Her experience being caught photoshopping her Instagram pictures and the realization that happened afterward that prompted her to truly get the help she needed,

-Cultivating TRUE self love,

-Tips for self care,

-Handling criticism online with grace and confidence,

-Transitioning from hardcore fitness/powerlifting to a more intuitive approach,

-... So much more!

Mik is a truly powerful woman doing amazing things for women everywhere.


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