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EMBody Radio

Jan 23, 2020

Paul Revelia is back for another jam-packed episode and you guys are going to love the level of detail Paul went into on today's show. Paul is the Owner of Pro Physique, exclusively training natural competitors at this stage of his career and co-hosts Redefine Healthy Radio with Laurin Conlin. A lot of contest prep discussion but we also discuss advice for aspiring competitors as well. Topics include:


- Who is Paul

- Paul’s Start with Fitness

- From Layne to Training Competitors

- Advice to Aspiring Competitors

- Women and Type A Personalities

- Prepping Daraja Hill

- Staying Lean in the Offseason

- Keeping Athletes Healthy During Contest Prep

- Missed Implementations to Prep

- The Importance of Posing

- Top 3 Pieces of Advice to Coaches

- Where to Find Paul


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"Dieting Age" & Why You Should Spend Less Time in a Deficit - Interview with Paul Revelia





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