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EMBody Radio

Dec 31, 2020

Welcome back to episode 98 of EMBody Radio! Today we're celebrating over 1,000,000 downloads of the show. Can you believe it?! In honor of hitting a big milestone, I wanted to give back to the community that built this show by hosting a giveaway with two of my favorite brands that have supported the show as well: Cured Nutrition and Legion Athletics. One listener will be winning a prize pack from Cured Nutrition of their CBD gel caps, a CBD tincture of your choice, and their adaptogenic sleep support supplement Zen, along with a $250 gift card from Legion Athletics for all of your fitness, health, and performance product needs. Be sure to follow Cured here, Legion here, and myself here and refer to all other entry rules mentioned in the show. 


Today's show is a deeeeeep dive, so buckle up. First and foremost, a disclaimer that I think is, or at least should be, relevant to any podcast you consume or really any content you consume ever. For one, you don’t have to agree with every single thing a guest says. We’re all different, and that’s the beauty of both humanity and podcasting. Secondly, go into this with an open mind. We do talk a lot about spirituality and psychedelics in this episode, so proceed at your own risk.

Today we have a crowd favorite back on the show: the one, the only, Nick Komodina.  Nick is a long time friend, basically my brother. He first came on the show back in 2019 with one of the most shared episodes that EMBody Radio has ever had. On today’s show, we’re basically giving you your intro into personal growth in 2021. We’re going over Nick’s journey into meditation, what it’s done for him, why people struggle to go inward, how to set yourself up for TRUE, LASTING success in the new year vs continually beating your head into the wall and not getting anywhere, and Nick’s experience with psychedelics, including his recent trip during the great conjunction that absolutely changed his life. 


-Nick’s morning routine

-how Nick got into meditation

-“JUST BE” and getting out of the chaos addiction trap

-shifting from “I’m not doing enough” to doing higher quality, more intentional things

-the “fly at the window” analogy

-why you’re scared of meditation and time inward

-ending your abusive self-relationship and drawing your “separation line”

-why you SHOULDN’T set a fitness goal as part of your new year’s resolution, and where to “place” your resolutions instead

-asking the uncomfortable questions, like “Where do I suck?”

-Being bold in your goals

-Why specific goal setting helps you actually reach the goals you have

-Triggers as opportunities


-Nick’s first mushroom journey

-the great vortex The Great Conjunction and the trip that changed Nick’s life

-Nick’s universal + spiritual awakening/”death”

-accessing your TRUE reality and self in a world that shies against it

-some pitfalls with western medicine and blood work

-standardized society and the “box” of modern culture and the resulting lack of creativity and open thought

-getting off the “track”

-showing up differently in his life after his cosmic experience with psychedelics

-being who you truly ARE

-start with your frequency

-this is your SIGN

-Nick’s top tips for heading into a new year and what to invest in

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