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EMBody Radio

Sep 20, 2018

What's up guys! Today we're back for a solo episode and we're digging a little deeper into fat loss... and more importantly, when it's NOT a good time to try and lose body fat and/or why your fat loss phase isn't going the way you'd like it to.

Here's the link the the research review on metabolic adaptations I referenced in this show:

Today we talk about:

-what needs to be in place before you start a cut

-why previous dieting attempts could be thwarting your current one

-why coming out of your diet poorly can set you up for future failures/struggles (including excess bodyfat gain)

-taking the TIME out of a fat loss phase to get your metabolism and hormones back to normal levels

-how long you need to spend out of a diet before starting another one

-why consistency matters and the negative impacts of yo-yo dieting

-what to look out for during your fat loss phase

-changes to hunger hormones when you diet

-potential reasons why your fat loss phase isn't going well 

-learning to work with your body instead of trying to drop kick it into submission

-... so much more!


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