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EMBody Radio

Sep 12, 2019

Ready to elevate where you are in life in probably the most SIMPLE format you've ever heard? Today's conversation with Austin Current of Physique Development is truly a "How to do Life for Dummies" guide. Austin is one of the most intelligent people I know when it comes to training and nutrition, but today he offered up some golden (arguably platinum) nuggets on life. Here's the conversational gamut we ran today:

-Following the "plan" that was laid out for him and realizing that he didn't actually want to pursue it

-Growing up being told that he wasn't intelligent

-Having his sports career ended by a series of traumatic brain injuries and how that led him to academia 

-Learning the "game" of school and the concept of cause and effect

-Learning to become intentional with how he spends his time

-Learning to ask questions to get where you want to go

-Seeking things out that you suck at 

-Overcoming anxiety with action

-"Showing your work" in the math equation of life

-Managing expectations healthily and effectively

-Acknowledging that no one owes you anything

-Removing distraction

-Three tips for living a peaceful, driven life


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